Economic Valuation Sluknov

Description of valuation study conducted – SUPPLY

We consider 2 public goods in the Sluknov (CZ 1) area  case study:

1) water availability

2) water retention capacity of the landscape

The specialists suggest two measures to deal with water availability: i) to enhance water retention capacity of landscape and ii) to select crops which can reach by roots the lower layers of soils which are capable to retain water for longer time (reach decreased level of ground water). Since most of the agricultural land in the Sluknov area has already been converted in grasslands the dominant measure for retaining more water in landscape are technical measures (constructions like ponds, polders, horizontal breaks, revitalisation of small streams, wetlands, etc.). To learn under which terms are farmers willing to establish technical measures on their fields we run a survey among them. At the same time we collect information on the technical measures which were introduced by actors during the last 10 years and what were their costs.


PG valuation results – SUPPLY

We carried out a cost calculation, in order to assess farm level costs of the establishment and maintenance of technical measures. The estimated value amounts €1.04/m2 covering investment, maintenance and compensation of land owners.  We found out that farmers willingness to provide land for the construction of technical measures increases if they have a direct benefit of it.

We asked if respondents were willing to take part in a collective action if it was established. Fourteen (74%) of respondents expressed their interest to participate – cultivating 21% of UAA of the farmers in the sample while five big farmers (on 74% of the sample land) were sceptical about the sense of such collective action.

The potential participants in a collective action would also be willing to provide land for technical measures for free or for a small compensation if they joined the collective action. Ten of the potential participants in the collective action had already launched technical measures on their land.