Harju (Estonia)

Harju (Estonia)

Scenery and recreation in forest landscapes in Harju County, in Northern Estonia

The topic forest landscapes deals with the provision of public goods in forestry systems, where forestry activities such as clear cutting lowers the landscapes potential for providing recreational services. Here, particularly the question arises, how to remunerate the private provision of public goods by the forest businesses and how to enhance the mutual awareness of demands. At the moment in both CSRs in Estonia and Finland, forest management affects the forest landscape which is important for nature-based tourism. Clear-cuts and strong soil preparation are particularly harmful operations from the scenic perspective. However, landscape-oriented forest management causes economic losses in wood production.

Ruka-Kuusamo (Finland)

Pohjois-Pohjanmaa (Finland)

Scenery and recreation in forest landscapes in Ruka-Kuusamo in North-Eastern Finland