Governance solutions and mechanisms

To improve the provision of public goods in European agricultural and forestry landuse-systems demands optimised solutions and mechanisms, which are targeted to the regional context and the relevant public good context. Optimisation could mean the combination of different mechanisms, such as financial incentives, collective instruments, market instruments or measures of information and awareness-building. Optimisation could also mean a better design of single instruments, e.g. better and more acceptable payment schemes. Optimisation could also mean to better tailor the management measures behind the respective schemes to the actual provision of the targeted public good. Finally, optimisation could mean the better spatial targeting of the area in which the public good is provided and the instrument therefore is available.

For further description and information about the formulation and evaluation of governance mechanisms made within the PROVIDE Project, interested readers may consult the project’s deliverables D5.1, D5.2 and D5.3. They can be found here.

The graphic gives an overview of the governance mechanisms selected for the case studies which have been investigated in PROVIDE. Explore the clickable components for more information.

Case Study Regions Biodiversity and Habitat Water Availability, Quality and Retention Soil Functionality and Climate Regulation Landscape, Scenery and Recreation Rural Vitality and Development Directives, Regulations and Binding Standards Financial Incentives Collaboration and Partnerships Market Instruments Advisory and Information Public Goods Governance Solution Marchfeld (AT) Governance Solution Emilia-Romagna (IT) Governance Solution Dolina Biebrzy (PL) Governance Solution Aberdeenshire (UK) Governance Solution Brandenburg (DE) Governance Solution Kromme Rijn (NL) Governance Solution Sluknov (CZ) Governance Solution Yuzhen Tsentralen (BG) Governance Solution Vatra Dornei (BG) Governance Solution Bretagne (FR) Governance Solution Andalusia (ES) Governance Solution Harju (EE) Governance Solution Ruka Kuusamo (FI) Governance Solution Geopark Ralsko (CZ) Intensive and mixed agricultural landuse systems Extensive agricultural systems Systems at risk of land abandonment Forestry systems